Coaching Licence

What do you need to do in order to get a Coaching Licence?

Step 1 

Check that you have completed the following in order to be eligible for a Coaching Licence:

  • Completed at least one Sport Ireland-endorsed Basketball Ireland coaching course since 1997.
  • Completed Garda Vetting through Basketball Ireland in the last five years. NOTE: If it has been longer than five years, you must renew your vetting before you will become eligible.
  • Completed the Safe Guarding 1 Course*
  • * For the 2018/19 season, you can still apply for a Coaching Licence without the Safe Guarding 1 qualification. You will instead be awarded a temporary one-year licence to allow you time to complete the course.
  • Once proof of completion is forwarded to then the licence will be extended to a three-year licence or more for higher levels.
  • After the temporary licence runs out, if proof of completion of a Safe Guarding 1 course is not received, then the Coaching Licence will not be renewed and the applicant will cease to be a licenced coach.

Step 2

  • Register with Basketball Ireland as a coach through the online registration system for technical members and pay the technical registration fee.
  • For registration information and user guides click here: or email for assistance.
  • Complete all requested information in full including current address and active email address when you register and click the level of coaching qualification you have completed.
  • For Introduction Level coaches, no further information is required.
  • Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 qualified coaches must also send a head and shoulders picture in JPEG format by email to the Coach Education email and include your name, date of birth and BIPIN, if you have it, for identification purposes. This picture will appear on your coaching licence.

Step 3

  • Within 10 days of registration* you will be contacted by Basketball Ireland via the Coach Education email address to advise if your licence application has been approved.
  • If approved, your Coaching Licence should arrive at the address you provided within seven days of confirmation.
  • *Please note the first batch of licences will not be sent out before August 20th.

Step 4 – 

**Please note you can skip this step if you have received an email confirmation of a successful Coaching Licence application**. 

  • If your Coaching Licence is not approved, a reason for this will be given in the email.
  • It is up to the individual applicant to complete any steps required, or to provide information requested, in order to satisfy Basketball Ireland that the applicant is eligible for a coaching licence.


Step 5

  • Check and complete the required amount of continued professional development over the period outlined in order to renew your licence ahead of the expiration date.

Step 6

  • Keep your Coaching Licence safe in order to produce it as required by the various Basketball Ireland Competitions you may be involved in.
  • From September 1st, 2018, a Basketball Ireland Coaching Licence will be the only form of proof accepted to show that as a coach, you are qualified, registered and Garda vetted.
  • Replacement licences will be issued at a cost of €10 to cover the licence and postage.


Important Notes for the future 

From the start of the 2019/20 season, no coach will be able to take part in any Basketball Ireland competitions without holding a Coaching Licence.

From the start of the 2019/20 season, a Coaching Licence will only be awarded to coaches that have completed the Safe Guarding 1 course.


You can find the answers to frequently asked questions here: Coaching Licence FAQ.pdf