10th Annual Laura Brennan Memorial Tournament

Well done to the u18 girls and their coaches Ian and Teresa on their participation in the pre season tournament in Killester, Dublin. The girls had a great win in their first game against Liffey Celtics. They had narrow defeats in their next two games against DCU and Portlaoise Panthers. The girls showed great teamwork and skills in their first run out of the season. We look forward to seeing what is in store for them in the upcoming season. The day proved very enjoyable for supporters and players. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Killester Basketball Club for their hospitality and for hosting this tournament for such a great cause. Maith sibh uilig.

Training schedule 2019/2020

9.00-10.00U8 Mixed2012/2013Loreto
10.00-11.00U10 girls2010/2011Loreto
11.00-12.00U10 boys2010/2011Loreto
12.00-13.30U12 girls2008/2009Loreto
13.30-15.30U12 boys2008/2009Loreto
18.00-19.30U14 girls2006/2007Loreto
18.30-19.30U14 boys2006/2007Aura
19.30-21.00U16 girls2005/2004Loreto
21.00-22.00U19 boys2001-2003Loreto
18.00-19.30Senior MenLoreto
20.30-22.00U16 boys2005/2004Loreto
18.00-19.30U14 girls2006/2007Loreto
20.00-22.00U19 boys2001-2003Loreto
19.00-20.30U16 girls2004-2005Loreto
20.30-22.00U19 girls2001-2003Loreto
18.15-19.30U14 boys2006/2007Loreto