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Those who have been successfully vetted using the previous system are valid until their vetting is due for renewal – at which point the new system will be required. An approval letter from BI needs to have been received.

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Garda Vetting

All those who are to be Garda Vetting under the organisation of Basketball Ireland MUST be registered members of Basketball Ireland for the season that they are being vetted in and they must input their valid BI Pin on the BI Garda Vetting Identification Form Section 1.  Any forms received that do not provide valid BI Pins will be sent back to the applicant unprocessed.  If an individual is a volunteer within a club, they must register as same and input a short description on what they do in the club that deems vetting necessary eg.  Helping the coach with underage training sessions etc.

National Vetting Bureau (Children and Vulnerable Persons) Acts 2012 to 2016

The above act took effect from 29th April, 2016.  The previous Garda Vetting form can no longer be used as the Vetting Bureau can no longer process them.  All Garda Vetting must be on the new forms which are downloadable below & must be accompanied with a completed BI Garda Vetting ID form along with copies of the original ID’s witnessed at ground level (Section 2 to be completed by the witness).

Checklist for correct vetting as and from 29th April, 2016 for anyone 18 years old and over:
1. You are a registered member of Basketball Ireland.  If you are volunteering, you still must register in advance of submitting your vetting via the technical registration on our website. There is no cost to register as a volunteer.
2. You have completed in full the new vetting form which has ref: Vetting Form NVB 2 at the top right and Basketball Ireland details are input on the “Organisation Address” field at the top left.
3. You have brought the completed form along with the BI Garda Vetting Identification Form (download HERE) and original forms of identification (see note below for identification formats that are acceptable or click HERE) and a copy of the identification provided to the club/organisation Child Protection Officer/Nominated Person which will be forwarded to the Garda Vetting Liaison Person for processing.
Note:  If you have resided outside of the country during the last 12 months, you should bring a copy of vetting from that country where you were previously resident for BI files.
For applicants 16 or 17 years of age, the same 2 details as above are required along with a signed copy of the Parent/Guardian Consent Form NVB3 which is downloadable below.
The Basketball Ireland Garda Vetting Policy is currently being updated and will be available to download here in due course.
The National Vetting Bureau will be releasing a public website shortly.  Once this is live, a link to it will be inserted here and it will answer any general queries you may have.
New Procedures outline for Vetting Applicants and  Clubs/Organisations:
Garda Vetting Applicants must complete their forms (download HERE) & bring original identification officers to the clubs Child Protection Officer or nominated person.  Acceptable identification is detailed HERE.  Each form of identification is awarded a certain amount of points and each applicants identification must add up to 100 points to be acceptable.
The Club Child Protection Officer, Designated Person or Nominated person completes section 2 of the BI Gadra Vetting ID form which confirms that they witnessed the original ID and sends the applicants vetting form, along with a copy of each ID witnessed and the completed BI Garda Vetting Identification Form 2016 to the Basketball Ireland Garda Vetting Liaison Person who is currently Deirdre Wolfe.  A template is available to download HERE and below for clubs to record their members vetting information.
BI Garda Vetting Liaison Person records the details, signs off on the application and sends it to the National Vetting Bureau for processing.
When the response is received, a letter is sent to the applicant.  If the applicant is a suitable member based on the response form the Vetting Bureau, he/she must take the BI letter to the club/organisation as proof of vetting.  The Club/Organisation will record the minimum details required such as the applicants name, date of birth, date vetting valid from and until etc.  Copies of the identification are kept by BI and not the local club.  This is not a data protection issue as the documents will be retained until the next vetting is due.
If the person is deemed by BI to be an unsuitable member, a letter will be issued to the member expelling them from the organisation and their club/organisation will be informed that they are not to volunteer or work on behalf of the organisation.
Those who have been successfully vetted using the previous system are valid until their vetting is due for renewal – at which point the new system will be required

Other Vetting Information:

Lost Successful Letters Can be retrieved from Basketball Ireland

In the event that a club member has lost their letter, they can email the BI Liaison Person, detailing their name, date of birth and postal address and the BI Liaison Person can re-issue the letter to the applicant.  The current Authorised Signatory email address is (Rory Wall)

Club checking the vetting situation of their current members

If a club wants to check the status of their current members, the Child Protection Officer should email the BI Authorised Signatory detailing the names, postal addresses and date of birth for each member that requires checking. Please ensure that you email from the address that was supplied to BI in the recent Child Protection Officer Survey for security reasons.  The Authorised signatory will reply as to the status by return mail in a timely manner.

To Download A Template to complete to check your existing members vetting status, click HERE.  Fill out the details for each member and email to

E Vetting is on it’s way!

The Garda Vetting Unit is developing an electronic based Garda Vetting System which will eliminate a lot of the returned vetting forms due to errors as it will only allow correctly completed applications to proceed.  There will be a 5 piece of information “Vetting Invite” that must be filled out by the applicant and sent to Basketball Ireland along with proof of identity (such as copy of a passport/driving licence and utility bill).  Once the invite is successfully processed at BI, the Garda Vetting system will generate an email link that allows the applicant to input the rest of the required information online.  Further information will be publicised on the website closer to the time of implementation as this system is not yet operational.

Information on Garda Vetting

It is extremely important that the Garda Vetting Authorised Signatory and Child Protection Officer have valid contact details for each club’s Child Protection Officer and Designated Person for obvious reasons.  If any of your details change or you have any queries or suggestions, please do so via email to Deirdre Wolfe using email address:


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